I am data journalist working in the New Zealand Herald's investigative reporting team.
Pinning down exactly what data journalism is an be tricky, but there are two definitions I like.

Paul Bradshaw from Birmingham City University says:

Data can be the source of data journalism, or it can be the tool with which the story is told — or it can be both.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism says:

Data journalism is simply journalism.

The former is a new and trendy term but ultimately, it is just a way of describing journalism in the modern world.

The New Zealand Herald has a dedicated data journalism sub-site - Insights where many of my articles are published. We are in the process of migrating this content into the main Herald website so my more recent articles can be found at my author page

I became a journalist relatively recently - although it was a goal I first envisaged when I saw Amanda Cox from the New York Times give a talk in 2011 to a visualisation conference.

I originally studied chemistry and went on to do research in atmospheric chemistry before jumping in research in scientific visualisation. I then worked in visualisation, computer graphics, and data science before joining the New Zealand Herald.

What's with the domain name?

Back in 2003 when I was first getting into visualisation I decided I needed a domain. There were no good top level domains for personal websites and someone was working with Western Samoa to promote .ws as website I thought it was a great idea, but evidently very few other people did.

I was living in California at the time and felt proud of, and connected to, the heritage of Aoteroa and I wanted a Te Reo domain name - pohewa means to dream, imagine, or visualise or it can mean to be mistaken or confused. This sums up my relationship with data visualisation pretty well. 2019 me, now living back in New Zealand, wouldn't make the same choices but that's life.

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